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Home staging is the art of dressing up a home to prepare it for photographs, video, open houses, and walkthroughs.

Staging can have a positive effect on the sale price of a home. Staging is considered one of the more essential steps in the overall marketing plan of selling a home.

Staging isn’t something just anyone can do correctly. We use professional stagers with a background in design, set dressing, and staging in our business.



The first step in staging a home is to arrange a consultation. During the consultation, the stager and real estate agent will walk through the home and identify pieces of furniture/decor that should stay and which should go. The stager will take photographs of the house which they’ll use to create a comprehensive staging plan.

Once the staging plan is complete, the homeowner will have a specific period in which they declutter and remove the pieces of furniture that didn’t make it into the staging plan.

The next step is the installation. The stager will attend the property with assistants and install the staging. The staging can include artwork, furniture, decor, rugs, mirrors, and many other items based on the staging plan.




Good staging creates a neutral and tasteful environment that shows off the potential of a home. Humans are inherently visual and also not always very creative. Staging helps a buyer see themselves in a space. It helps open up the possibilities of the home in their mind.

The reduction of clutter helps create more space in the home. The removal of personal items allows the potential buyers to envision themselves living in the house.

Staging also helps feature the positives of a home as well as minimize the negatives.





Staging has a pretty significant impact on the sale price of a home. Studies show that a staged home typically produces an 8-10% higher return on investment than an unstaged home of equal value.

In a market like Toronto, the ROI can reach upwards of 20% in some cases.

The results speak for themselves. 

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